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In addition to our main Provincial Department, we have 09 sub offices around the 02 districts, closely situated  to a Magistrate Court. The 09 sub offices are situated in Kurunegala, Wariyapola, Nikaweratiya, Maho, Galgamuwa, Kuliyaapitiya, Chillaw, Puttalam and Maravila. All the Probation officers there, provide their valuable service to protect and safeguard children to the maximum level.

Moreover, the Department itself has a State Receiving Home,a Remand Home, 40 registered Children Homes and 219 registered Day-care Centres

State Receiving Home

The Department belongs a State Receiving Home in Meegalewa, for  protecting homeless children who are under age 05. These children are abandoned in hospitals,by the sides of roads or from economically disabled families where parents are unable to feed them.

Remand Home

The Remand Home which belongs to the Department is situated in Kuliyapitiya Probation Office premises. Children who are under legal custody are detained in Remand Homes until they are produced before courts or pending courts decisions after they have been produced. In order to enhance the living capacities of these institutionalized children the Department has commenced number of programs such as educational programs, vocational training programs, religious programs etc.

Children Homes

There are 40 Children Homes registered under the Department. Except the Remand Home and the Receiving Home, other Children Homes are maintained and continued by Voluntary Organizations.The Department provides necessary advices,monitory aids for them to proceed.  But the management of the Children Home does not have the authority to admit a child without the permission of the Commissioner.

Day Care Centers

The Day Care Centers are established and run by Voluntary Organizations under the surveillance of the Department are meant to look after children of working mothers during the day time.There are about 219 Day Care Centers registered under the Department.