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a).Services related to Rehabilitation of Offenders

(No special document is required for those offenders who are directed to the Department  under court orders)

b). Providing residential care to children who need in care protection shall be make a request by;

Parent/guardian/third party furnishing the following documents.
a).      Birth Certificate of the child
b).     Certificate of Grama Niladhari (If possible)
c).     Medical reports (If available)
d).    School Leaving Certificate (If relevant)

c).Receiving children who are unable to be provided care and protection due to other circumstances to parents/ guardians and allocate such children for adoptions and other alternative care systems.

Following documents are required:
a).       Request of parent/guardian
b).       Affidavit of parent/guardian
c).       Birth Certificate/ Birth Details Form/ Probable Age Certificate (If available)
d).      Medical Reports of the child (If available)

d). Allocating the childrenwho referee to the Department to make adoptions to the applicants.

After make investigations by Probation Officers, allocation is done considering the recommendations, following documents are needed:
a).     Written request of the applicant
b).     Salary details/ Revenue Certificate
c).     GN report to ensure the residing
d).     Medical reports of applicants (If available)
e).     Written consent to open a fix deposit of Rs 50000.00 by name of the relevent child
f).      Granting a block of land to the child and submit the copy of that deed.

e) Registration of Children Homes (Orphanages)is done by the Department of Probation and Child care Services. Following documents and certificates, reports should be submitted for the purpose.

a).       A request relevant voluntary organization
b).       A copy of the certificate of registration of the voluntary organization
c).       List of the office bearers of the organization
d).      Certificate to ensure the financial capacity of the organization
e).      Completed application for registration (can be downloaded)
f).       Completed “B” Form
g).      The deed of the land in which the orphanage is situated
h).      Plan of the buildings
i).      Educational and professional certificates of the staff in the orphanage


f) Registration of Day Care Centers The Day care Centers providing services for the children below 05 years are registered under the Department of Probation and Childcare Services. For that Purpose, a written request must be submitted to the Department along with the following certificates and documents.

a).      A written request of voluntary organization
b).      Completed application (can be downloaded)
c).      Certificates of educational and professional qualifications of the staff
d).      The deed of the land which the building is situated
e).      Registration certificate of the voluntary organization